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A large portion of job seeking involves networking. Below are signs a good networking, and although they are business-oriented, they can easily be implicated into your job search methods.

A good networker:

  • Has a firm handshake and makes eye contact upon introduction.
  • Remembers names and businesses, or at least tries hard to remember!
  • Has great attendance and is punctual – late people get noticed, but not in a good way.
  • Hangs out with everyone in a group – no clicks.
  • Is confident and social.
  • Has high energy and enjoys networking events.
  • Listens more than talks – doesn’t just talk about themselves, but asks questions and is interested to learn more about others’ businesses.
  • Has a clear, consistent message and a designated target market.
  • Tells stories instead of lists services – engages the audiences rather than bores them!
  • Strategically hands out contact information – doesn’t give business card to everyone that breaths.
  • Is as diligent about giving help to other businesses as he/she is diligent about receiving help.

Are you a good networker? Point out your faults and fix them one at a time, each networking event you will improve and so will your job search.

Natalie Swanson – Marketing/Client Relations – Vision Staffing Solutions

Sept. 21, 2012