Did you apply to your dream job and it’s been a week with no response? Don’t panic yet. The hiring process can be slow for some companies and often times can be put on the back burner, or there is always the chance that the company is still accepting applications and has not begun call backs just yet. Even if this is the case, do not hesitate to follow-up! The saying, “Good things happen to those who wait,” does not necessarily apply to job openings. Take the initiative and contact the workplace directly via phone, approximately one week after the submission of your application or resume. If you know who the hiring manager is, ask to speak with that person directly, otherwise ask to have your message forwarded on to the appropriate person.

Make your call short and sweet, whether you get through to the hiring manager or leave a message, simply introduce yourself and say something along the lines of “I am following-up to determine if you successfully received my application that I submitted for the vacant Account Executive position in your company. I am available to answer any questions that you may have regarding my application.” Or you could also ask if there is anything you can do to further yourself in the application process.

Remember to always leave your full name, contact information, and the position that you are applying for in the follow-up message.

Try something different. If you are able to keep the message brief, drop a line about yourself and why you should fill the position. For example, “I’m following-up because I have 6 years of experience as an Account Executive and recently applied for the vacant Account Executive position at your company…”

Natalie Swanson – Vision Staffing Solutions – View our Job Openings

August 23, 2012