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In order to verify the skill sets and workability you have claimed about yourself, hiring managers must contact someone who knows you on a professional level. These individuals are your references.

First off, the references you list should have known you for six months or longer in order to assure hiring managers they are a legitimate judge of character.

Next, “professional” is referring to someone that you are not related to and that you have worked with in the past. Typically, a supervisor or someone in a superior role is preferred for a reference.

If you have no past work experience, you can utilize other people in your life. Take a few minutes to think of people who have seen you in a skill building situation. People you could consider include teachers, coaches, neighbors you have done odd jobs for, a person you have babysat for, someone you helped plan an event, or an individual you volunteered for/with.

Have you been self-employed for some time? Ask loyal clients to be references for you.

Whenever you are applying for a job you should prepare and supply three professional references to your interviewer. Prior to this, you should contact each and ask him or her for permission to use as your reference. If you have already received permission, you should notify them to be expecting contact from someone in regards to you in the near future.

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August 01, 2012