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It is incremental for your resume to display that you have the skills and knowledge to fill a job vacancy, but what if you have no past work experience to start your resume? Take a few minutes to think about odd jobs you have done in the past, school related activities, or volunteer projects you have been a part of. For example: babysitting, lawn work, school projects, or an event you helped plan. It may take some thinking outside of the box, but you will realize you have developed work skills without having an actual job.

Write a list of the circumstances you think of, your responsibilities for each, and the contact information of people who assisted you. The people you list can be used as references for employers to contact.

Now create a “Pre-Professional Experience” category on your resume. This will show the reader that you have yet to have a job, but have gained skills. It also shows that you are dedicated to reaching out and achieving professional experience.

Split this section into different categories such as, “Odd jobs,” “School Activities,” “Extracurricular Activities,” and/or “Volunteer involvement.” Under each subcategory use bullet points to explain the skills you have attained from each.

  • Leave pronouns out of your resume such as “I” or “me.” This increases the professionalism of your resume and makes it easier for the audience to understand.
  • Use action words at the beginning of each bullet. For example: Managed, created, developed, gained, or increased.
  • Quantify and prove relevant successes with percentages, statistics, dollar amounts or specific dates.

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