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As with other sections of your resume, list information in an order that pertains to the interest of your audience. List your educational information in the following order (always start with your highest education first):

Name of degree in the name of your major – Name of University – City, State of University – Graduation Year – Minor – GPA

*If you feel that the name of your school is of more interest to the reader, list that first and the degree second.

If you haven’t graduated yet, list your information the same way; simply put the graduation date in the future to inform the employer that you have not graduated yet.

Where you list your education on your resume is another important factor. This depends if you feel your education is of more interest to your audience or if you work experience is. If you are a recent graduate and have little to no experience in your field, you would want to list your education prior to your work history. If you are a job-seeker with experience it will probably be more beneficial to list your work experience first. If you recently achieved your MBA or another graduate degree and have work experience, it’s a good idea to list your education first ahead of your work experience because the graduate degree should be more valuable to employers.

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Natalie Swanson – Marketing/Client Relations – Vision Staffing Solutions

July 19, 2012