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What is an elevator speech? Imagine you find yourself in an elevator with the hiring manager of the company you would do anything to work for. You have approximately 30 seconds to sell yourself to this person before the elevator gets to the floor where the hiring manager steps off.

Will you ever find yourself in this exact situation, probably not! But elevator speeches can be used in just about any circumstance where you have to tell someone about yourself quickly without losing their attention.

  • Job interview
  • Networking event
  • First day of work
  • First day of class

Answer the following questions in your speech:

  • What are my top strengths?
  • What adjectives best describe me?
  • What is it that I am trying to sell about myself?
  • Why am I interested in the company Iā€™m applying with, event I am attending, job I am starting, or class I am taking?

Now create a speech from the answers you have generated. Make each answer into a complete sentence, and spend some time connecting them together and making them flow.

Go back through the newly written material and take out any unnecessary words making it as short as you can while still achieving your point.

Practice. Practice. Practice. If you simply memorize your speech it will sound staged when you say it. You want it to roll off of your tongue naturally and with sincerity and confidence. Practice saying it to friends/family and even try it in front of the mirror.

If you do all of this, you will always have information prepared for any situation when you must tell others about yourself and you will be able to say it with confidence and ease!

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July 07, 2012