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Make a mistake at work? Big or small, mistakes are no fun to admit. In fact, it probably seems like a better idea to try and hide it from everyone. Wrong!

In the eyes of others, those who admit mistakes and can move on from them are more likely to gain respect from managers and co-workers than those who hide mistakes or blame someone/something for them happening.

That being said, admit to a mistake as soon as possible. Bring a solution to with you, and take full responsibility for implementing the solution.

If there is no way to fix it, use the mistake as a learning point. It seems that the best possible way to learn is the hard way, and don’t sweat too much; mistakes happen to everyone. There is a reason we use the saying “human error.”

Check out these famous mistakes:

High school Varsity coach cut Micheal Jordan from his basketball team.

Decca Records turned down The Beatles for a recording contract.

John Grisham’s first novel, “A Time to Kill,” was rejected by 16 publishers before finally signing a contract.

Check out some now funny construction mistakes.

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