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Job Hopping refers to being hired, completing the training, and working for a company for a minimal time, finding a new job and then doing it all over again.

Hiring a new employee and training them into the workplace takes time and money, and it has been proven that prolonged job vacancies at a workplace decreases company morale and negatively affects the bottom line. These reasons are why hiring managers are careful when checking over resumes and interviewing. So do they think poorly and are they hesitant to hire job hoppers?

Surprisingly, not always. Recruiters have said that job hopping shouldn’t be a major concern in the hiring process. It is a red flag if someone has several different positions in the last year alone, but one or two in their recent past could just mean that the job applicant is searching for the right career, or seeking something more challenging from their work.”

If you are constantly changing your career or job because of the chance to earn more money or a higher title, it will easily be noticed by hiring managers and you will not be considered for positions.

That being said, switch careers for the right reasons and you will be fine.

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Natalie Swanson – Marketing/Client Relations – Vision Staffing Solutions

July 07, 2012