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Get Up and Move! Stand up while you’re talking on the phone, or even go fill your cup with water. Get up and walk away from your desk, even if it’s just to make copies. Walk around frequently, and during lunch get out of the office and take a stroll.

Stretch & Reach for the Sky! Whether you are stuck at a desk or walking around and lifting, taking a break to stretch and breathe calms your nerves and releases tension in your muscles.

Sing a little: Everyone has some tasks at work that don’t involve too much mind power. Give yourself mental relief while completing routine tasks and put on your favorite Pandora station. Even if you can’t sing out loud, lip-sinking is an equally relieving alternative.

Lighten Up! Don’t sit in dim lighting. The right lighting at your work station will reduce eyestrain and make your environment more pleasant.

Organize your desk! Stress comes from feeling out of control of a situation, and when your desk starts to look chaotic, your mood will start to match it.

De-clutter. It’s nice to have a couple personal items at your desk to imagine yourself back at the Caribbean for a minute, but if you have too much stuff, the clutter can be distracting and increase your tension.

Eat Healthy Snacks. You can either defeat the 2:00PM crash by drinking a 5-Hour Energy, or you could just avoid it by choosing healthy snacks. Your body gets fatigued around this time because it starts digesting and breaking down the sugars already eaten during the morning. Avoid the sugars and reduce the crash.

Have Fun! Pick something fun to do routinely at work. And, when something goes right, even something small, celebrate! Announce successes to everyone, ring a bell, or just give high fives. Consistently focusing on accomplishments will boost morale and decrease negativity and stress.

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June 22, 2012