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Whether you are starting a new job or have gotten the motivation to revamp your current job performance, here are a few tips and suggestions to “Be All You Can Be” in the workplace.

Ask questions. When taking on a new task it is better to learn it correctly rather than assume how to do it yourself. Mistakes can take a long time to fix, plus co-workers usually enjoy helping others as it makes them feel good about themselves.

Smile a lot and be friendly. You don’t have to have your “serious face” on 24-7 when in the office; take time to get to know your co-workers and their interests.

Don’t go to lunch alone. Use your lunch hour to get to know your co-workers or clients. It may be tempting to go alone or have your lunch hour with the same person each day, but the lunch hour is an excellent time to network with others and should be utilized wisely.

Pay Attention to the Grapevine. Stay in the loop at work with current events, but don’t contribute. You want to know what is going on, but don’t want to gain the reputation as a Gossip Queen/King.

Don’t Complain. Keep you opinions about your management/boss/co-worker to yourself. Also, keep opinions about your previous job to yourself.

Arrive Early. Stick to the rule that “10 minutes early is on time, and on time is late.” You can take the extra time to get situated at your work station, and getting in the habit of leaving early for work will allow for any transit issues.

Don’t Rush to Leave. Stick around an extra minute after work and chat with a co-worker; running out the door could portray that you aren’t happy.

Volunteer for Projects. Help with projects that aren’t necessarily your duty. This could give you an opportunity to learn something new, work with someone new, and/or stand out to your manager and co-workers.

Do Extra Tasks, Now. Remember the old  Scottish Proverb, “What can be done at any time, will be done at no time,” and do your extra work before right away; don’t get into the habit of pushing it aside for later.

Admit to Mistakes. Don’t hide a mistake or blame someone else; tell your boss about it as soon as possible. There is a reason for the term, “Human Error.”

Remain Positive. People forget that positivity and negativity are both contagious. Do your best to lift co-workers up with your attitude.

Natalie Swanson – Marketing/Client Relations – Vision Staffing Solutions

June 21, 2012