Did you score a job interview finally? Start preparing! Research the company via the internet to find information on the business and its culture prior to your interview date. Review your information the day of; this enables you to comfortably display your knowledge of the company and express interest in the position throughout the interview. Also, to remain calm and collected, research common interview questions and practice answering them before the big day. During the interview, remain eye contact; wandering eyes can make someone seem untruthful or may even distract the interviewer. You can demonstrate your confidence by using the interviewer’s name throughout your answers. If the questioning ends quickly and you don’t feel that you have been asked enough to prove your worthiness for the position, simply ask, “May I tell you something about myself?” This leaves the floor open for you to prove your skills and abilities and relate it to the job opening and/or the business. Additionally, always prepare one or two questions regarding the job opening/company to ask the interviewer before the session ends. Leave the interview with a verbal “thank you,” and something along the lines of, “I hope to meet you again,” this will reiterate your interest in the open position. Finally, it never hurts to follow-up an interview with a nicely worded “thank you” email, or even better, a hand-written “thank you,” card.

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Natalie Swanson – Marketing/Client Relations – Vision Staffing Solutions

June 11, 2012